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Silverthorne, CO & Gaviota State Park

My family and I vacationed in Colorado this past week and stayed in Silverthorne. I recently purchased the Samyang 16mm f/2.0 lens for my Nikon D7000 APS-C camera and couldn't wait to try it out in pure darkness. Unfortunately, even in Colorado, where the milky way is ever present to the naked eye, you still get light pollution away from the city. I did see the air glow in many of the shots taken this night.

F/2.0, ISO 3200, 15 sec exposure. High ISO noise reduction turned on and noise reduction/luminance in LR was used.

I just got back from a weekend at Gaviota State Park in Santa Barbara. The conditions were perfect between the clear skies, the lowest phase of the moon and very low light pollution, with the exception of a few oil rigs off the coast. Shot at ISO 6400, f2.2, 20 second exposure, EV +0.7 and processed in LR.


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