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Silver Liquid Drops



I don't really remember where I first saw this quote, but it resonates with me cause it makes rain sound magical and way more beautiful than the average perception of what rain is.
Personally I prefer rain over any other kind of weather. It quites the world and washes away all the dirt (replace with swear word) in it. Rain makes me happy. It's also representative of a dystopian futures and I think dystopian things are beautiful. Dark and beautiful.

My emotion is



Which goes hand in hand with something dystopian or magical. I very much live in my own little universe and I love disappearing into a film, a story or narrative I created, a drawing, a song etc. I've never been particularly grounded. 

And here's my moodboard :)


I could have taken this in so many directions but ultimately chose 'magical' over 'dystopian'. I think the shapes are very interesting and a fun interpretation of escapism - escaping into the unknown and you just know it would be good because of the colors. 




First I played around with how I wanted the words represented and then moved on to size, I did a bit more than these, but they disappeared in my mess, haha. I ultimately ended up with the last one, but I'm going to try with the second size as well. I'm not really good with that much planning, I usually do it intuitively when I'm working. 

Anyways, I decided to remove the first lines. It's a very long quote so it takes a lot of time to make it just right and more importantly,"...with silver liquid drops" opens up for a lot more ways to interpret the qoute and decide what you want it to be about. 

I think I wanna focus on texture and color, so I am probably going to be editing a bit more in photoshop than in the videoes, cause I wanna see how far I can take it with the shiny elements and the 'magical' feel of it. As for principles, I'm thinking balance and maybe contrast? But I'm not really sure yet.


First - in no way is the sizes correct here, haha. 
Okay, so.. I didn't wanna draw it again (laaaazy) before I got some feedback, but I like everything besides the with part, so I'm thinking I'll change it to the little 'with'. There's enough going on with the other three words, and it's the "least important" one, so it might be better just being simple.
Again, I really wanna play with it in photoshop, so I'm not too concerned with getting the proportions right at this point :)


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