Silly characters

Silly characters - student project

This was a lot of fun and it allowed me to experiment in a style that is pretty distant from what I usually do. I'd love to be able to incorporate some aspects on what I've learned into my work! The exercises were hard but ultimately enlightening, I will definitely practice more and bring something to a finish in the next future. 

The first exercise was intimidating and took me a long time. For some reason I had a super hard time with the face and eventually just decided for a silly twist by giving my character a heartshaped face, which I think turned out quite fun. I think I surprisingly prefer the version drawn from memory. I enjoyed the roller derby theme and decided to keep it for the page of poses as well. 

The hardest one was the figure inside a shape and I am not too happy with it, I will try more until I'll get more confident. 

Thanks for looking, I am enjoying browsing everyone else work. Looking forward to take more classes with Tom.

edit: I took one of the pieces to a finish following Tom's process. I feel like a learned so much! I won't necessarily use this process exactly, but it opened my perspective to many possibilities.
Silly characters - image 1 - student project

Silly characters - image 2 - student projectSilly characters - image 3 - student projectSilly characters - image 4 - student projectSilly characters - image 5 - student projectSilly characters - image 6 - student projectSilly characters - image 7 - student projectSilly characters - image 8 - student project

Cecilia Granata