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Silly Friends Creature Things

This was a super fun class! I found a lot of the doodling exercises (especially the one where you doodle with your eyes closed) to be therapeutic in a way! 

Here are some of my doodling exercises.


And here's the final doodle I came up with. I don't know how these cute little creatures emerged from my mind so I'll just thank the doodle exercises. I don't doodle very much but after this class, I think I'll be forming a pretty useful and fun habit! I definitely need to work on going in and smoothing some of the lines out, it can get pretty tedious so I just did my best. Maybe I'll go back and fix them at a later time.

Then I brought it into Illustrator and colored it with Live Paint which is a feature I've never really used before so that was a really fun learning experience for me. I pretty much colored it randomly, haha. I'll probably be working on simplifying the colors more when I have time.


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