Silk experiments

I had some silk hankies that an acquaintance had destashed, and I dyed them with Kool Aid about a year ago but didn't really know what to do to use them until I watched this class. Some were dyed in orange and some in black cherry. I don't believe I used any extra citric acid, and I was very gentle with the heat, which will become apparent later. 

I pulled the hankies into long strips and made a fairly smooth preparation. 


Then using my Louet S 90 standard flyer, middle whorl. and treadling relatively quickly I spun singles of each, and also a similarly sized single of alpaca dyed red. (This was a sample and I don't know what dye was used.)

The alpaca single is on the left in the project photo and the others are my silk singles. I thought of plying the red and orange silk together, but I have a fairly strong antipathy to marled yarns with a lot of contrast, so instead I plyed the silks with the red alpaca, which I thought would be more subtle. 

All good in theory, except that I had not really tested the colourfastness of my Kool Aid dye. The plying went well, and I wish I had taken a photo of the yarn, because I decided to finish the yarn by the method I use for alpaca: soaking for ten minutes or so in hot water. 

When I removed the yarn from the water, almost all the Kool Aid dye had flown, leaving a trace of yellow on the orange and a tinge of blue on the cherry. 

I have some very nice silk roving to play with next. With these miniskeins, about 30 yards each, I am tempted to knit up a pair of sow's ears to attach to a headband. 



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