Silhouette of a food lover

Hello Hannah, hello classmates!

First, about this picture and quote: this person is a special one that made a unforgettable trip with me. She also loves food more than anything and I took this picture while she was waiting her breakfast in a small cafeteria in Lisbon. I couldn't have found a better quote than this one <3

Second, about the project: I've being working on this idea even before this class was launched. I found Hannah's work and I was (actually, I'm still am) passionate about what she does.

This class is simple and easy to do but I am a perfectionist (not of the good ones) and I delayed to post because I always think is never good enough. I've been trying since the first day of class and I figured out a few things:

1. Yes, we all do have to practice more and more;

2. My letters are small and I was not able to do beautiful letters on a big photo. Self-reminder/advice: print it 50% smaller;

3. Done is better than perfect.


Thanks for sharing your workflow and method with all of us.

Keep spreading love and beautiful art, please <3

p.s.: I'm not satisfied with this piece, please wait an update soon


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