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To start, I want to say Hi and thanks to the class and to Sophia, for the knowledge shared in this course.

1. Introducing Silent Pulse brand: This year, after several major changes, we decided that it was time to take from the oven my personal and professional project that we've been baking for several years. Now, "Silent Pulse" is becoming this small family business, just starting as a brand that grows in a heritage design lab, our new home.

Recently called Islanders, we grabbed this adventure and captured the lifestyle, ethnography, natural history and landscapes from the places that we pass by. At this stage, I'm a freelancer communication designer + Illustrator and he is an engineer working intensively on implementing renewable energy ..."First things first", I felt the need to refresh, improve and learn some new skills. He came along, 'trailed':

Our Instagram account is @silentpulse

and our VSCO account is

2. Show off our grid: For style, we are not yet satisfied with what we are doing.. Maybe now with VSCO will get there: we've been wanting to add some filters in favor of big lighter images while keeping the original crop ratio - to give that feeling of mistic spring / heritage / vintage natural history documents... 


3. Strategy Notes, setting goals to our Instagram:
At this stage, I'm a freelancer communication designer and he is an engineer working intensively on implementing renewable energy ... I felt the need to refresh, improve and learn some new skills. He came along, 'trailed':

  1. We officially didn't launched our account as a online shop, only as a brand and a project;
    For the 1st stage we settled one year of Skillshare courses in which each course reverts in one product to our brand;
  2. We also want to build on our engagement putting those new products to sale and re-set the goals in quarterly periods;
  3. Our social goal is to grow our Instagram following by 10% quarterly during this year while we create our starter products, brand and online shop; This settled, "why not starting by learning how to properly use the Instagram in order to tell the brand evolution story through it (the courses, the first public feedbacks, ...)?" It could work like a motivation tool where we would:
  • Share our main concernes and interests to younger people (18 - 34): HERITAGE, ETNOGRAPHY AND NATURAL HISTORY and why we all should come together to promote a sustainable living lifestyle;
  • Show what the places that we live or visit have to offer the world;
  • Brand and store visual presentation on the subjects that interests us the most;
  • Promote our online shop, products we sell and connection to the local and global community, mostly to the urban Instagram users;
  • Increase online interaction with the social media, creating an online presence;
  • Work on our timing of posts by category/type and best time of day: use Iconsequare in a regular basis, learning to interpretate data, watching the evolution over the time through the received reactions about the presented work;
  • Become a stronger visual voice and style reference.

3.1. The 5 Top Markets and Categories relevant to our account:

  1. Nature Lovers;
  2. Lifestyle;
  3. Storytelling;
  4. Photography;
  5. Illustration;

3.2. Resources - Caption, Edition and Management: We just bought our Samsung J5 smartphones and a GoPro Hero4 Silver using +15 MacroMate Mini Underwater Macro Lens Backscatter. It's with this that most of our photos will be shot. Now and then, we can have some photo shooting sessions taken with our Canon EOS400D.

After that, we'll start transferring the original photos to the cloud using OneDrive; In the desktop, when the transfering process ends, the edition starts using:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express (editor to crop, frame and add some filters to the shots);
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix (to some minor adjustments, remove adds and dirtiness);
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (to manage photos archives);

But now, after enroling this and the "Mobile Post-Production: Editing Your Photos" Skillshare courses, we are going to start using these, in alternative to those presented before:

  • TouchRetouch (to remove blemishes from the photos);
  • SKRWT (to fix lens and parallax distortions);
  • Snapseed (for some minor adjustments in specific parts of the shoot, callibrating itscontrast, brightness and saturation);
  • Facetune (minor retouches to fix and remove some details);
  • Afterlight (editor to crop and frame the picture).
  • VSCO (for general edition and crop);
  • GoPro App (to manage remotely the GoPro machine).

Thanks to this course, we started to use Iconsquare to manage our instagram account and we found it very usefull.

3.3. Captions and Hastags: After a brainstorm, in a sintityze thinking, we listed the most representative hastags for our posts and group them in the top 5 categories that we wanted to tap into.






Some accounts that we keep visiting:

  • @rosapomar - definitely my first inspiration from a long long time ago, for me she was a precursor, an ethnographic researcher and a fashionista from my country that I'm very proud to present;

  • @geninne - one of the first artists that I liked on instagram.. since then I check her posts when I need good vibes ;) everything in her is so fresh (art techniques, art themed, home decor, fashion style, photos of her dogs and nature, comfort food...);

  • @mattiasink - another of my first loves ... the themes, the sketching ink and watercolor techniques, the overloaded compositions full of things from the past and the future to be discovered, always represented with humor and honour;

  • @might_could - she is also a teacher here, I see her as a scientific illustrator for kids and I love all her classes (can't wait to start them!);

  • @lady_naturalist - we share her passion about educating everyone about science and natural history;

  • @naturesmyfriend - very cool project, they also bring the outdoors to indoors;

  • @kinarino_official - they always have very diverse and delicate work;
  • @daughter_of_the_woods - love the poetic in her postes, the simplicity and diversity of her photos themes (sketchbooks, fieldnotes, embroider, knitting, comfort food, fashion, homestyle, landscape photography, botanic photography, literature...);

  • @therollinghome - it's all about the spirit, and we all love it free!!

Would love to hear more tips to reach our targets, people with mutual interests, enriching our brand's social life. Thank you so much for taking time to respond!



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