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Enora Josse

Front-end developer / Graphic & web designer



Silent forest

Hi everyone,

So here is my pattern, inspired by walks in the forest this fall season.

First, I used some photos I took as a "moodboard" :

Then, here are some sketches that I scanned in, but in the end I draw most of my shapes directly in Illustrator with photo references and scrapped a lot of these :

Ignore that horse (I get easily distracted !).

I mainly used basic shapes (circles and rounded rectangles) to draw everything (don't have a tablet). By the way thanks for the little tip about the X/Y coordinates, I didn't know you could add values directly (I was always doing a right-click, then choose transform, etc. but is was cumbersome).

Then, the color part. As you can see I was struggling (and got rather far away from the colors in my moodboard) :

Finally my block :

And the pattern :

Mocked-up :

And some secondary patterns :

That's it. Thanks for looking :)


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