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Silent Solace

Calm, quiet, solace, and comfort.

Sometimes my day can get so chaotic with my work deadlines, crazy family and friends, that I forget to do simple things for myslef. 

I try now to do one little thing for myself every day.  Just so I can feel one moment of complete solice for myself.  It can be anything from taking a relaxing bath, reading a few pages of my book, or a cup of tea.

Here is my interpretation of an Afternoon Tea: Silent Solace

The Spoon:

The spoon symbolizes a lot of happy things to me.  I like it's round friendly shape, the tiny detailed carved artwork that I could stare at for hours, spoons full of sugar and that moment of stirring my tea while it cools down, and I can see the steam swirling above it.  This is my direct "happy" mood trigger. :)

The Scene:

This image captures my view of the little stage I have set for myself as I sit down at my table.  My tea almost cool enough to drink, a bounty of biscuits, and my Gran's white linen tea towel.  The lighting feels quiet, and calm.  I find comfort in the tea, biscuits, spoon and tea towel.  This moment is my solace.

Too Many Biscuits:

I can be quite greedy when it comes to anything sweet, so I always land up eating too much cake, chocolate or biscuits.  Thus my Afternoon Tea moment would not be complete without my bounty of biscuits which brings me utter joy, content and happness.

But, to be honest only after I had eaten the biscuits and was editing this picture I realized that it would have looked better to shoot this image with a few bites taken out of the biscuits, and crumbs around the plate.  Then it would look more like being in the act of physically enjoying the moment.  This was a good lesson for me to learn.  I remember you saying in your video how we should try and make the photo look like it is capturing people/us interacting with the set up instead of it looking like a still life, so that it tells a story.

I would appreciate any more feedback you could give me on my images.  I am just starting out and I love cooking, styling and photographing my own little stories.  I found your lessons so imformative and helpful.

You are truly such an inspiration to me.

I wish I could have made the competition deadline, but I was away with my family on holiday, and did not have access to the internet.

Have a lovely day and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,



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