Silent Night

Silent Night - student project

With the holiday season coming up quickly, I decided to make a Christmas card.

Silent Night - image 1 - student project

Tried to capture the quietness of the woods at night, and originally was going to have a rabbit in the illustration, until I found out they only come out around dusk and dawn, so I used a fox instead.

Silent Night - image 2 - student project

You were so right Alison!  It was a little counter intuitive ( and scary!) to cover everything up with ink!

Silent Night - image 3 - student project


Silent Night - image 4 - student project

Then I scanned my dried piece and brought into Photoshop to make a few refinements and to add the shadows of the trees which didn't show up on the original. Below is the untouched and wet version.

Silent Night - image 5 - student project

Below is the final with the text that I hand wrote and scanned in.

Silent Night - image 6 - student project

Silent Night - image 7 - student project

Thanks for a great class and fun project Alison!

Jean Ruth

illustrator and designer