Silent Hill: The Arcade

Silent Hill: The Arcade - student project

Silent Hill: The Arcade is a game that belongs to the Silent Hill saga, which unlike the main games (which are survival horror), is an action shooter.

The story centers on two characters: Eric and Tina, they arrive the town of Silent Hill with their friends to investigate the stories surrounding Lake Toluca about the mysterious sinking of the ship "The Little Baroness" and the bodies that lie in the bottom of the lake. The day after their arrival, their friends had disappeared, so they decide to search for them in the deep fog of the town, in which they face monsters they never imagined, and discover the true story of the disappearance of "The Little Baroness".

For this animation I only made Eric fighting the monsters, and he loses to the final boss. On the high score screen, Eric's name appears as the first place, and if you are familiar with the saga, you will have noticed that I included the names of the protagonists of other saga games.

The music in the game is the theme song from the first Silent Hill game, reinterpreted for context, and both the melody and sound effects were recorded by myself in GarageBand.

I had a lot of fun doing this course and Jake Bartlett is definitely the best instructor I've seen in a long time, I just have to say infinite thanks.