Silent Forest

Silent Forest - student project

I decided to try something wild by creating a pattern and putting it in the background.  I'm not sure if

it works and not sure if it still looks quiet.  The white grid was by accident. I think this happened because I left white space around the pattern swatch.  I like it because it looks like a window.

Silent Forest - image 1 - student projectThis is the latest version of my project.  I am still getting familiar with Illustrator.   The original verson 

felt too empty to me so I added some stars and moon and a mysterious figure.

I'd appreciate any feedback.  I feel like I'm learning to draw all over again or trying to draw with my right hand(I'm a lefty).  Also, I usually don't work in such a graphic style.

Silent Forest - image 2 - student projectI was having a little trouble drawing in Illustrator.  First I tried drawing the shapes with the pen tool and then I used a Wacom tablet and pencil tool.  I'm still a little clumsy at both and used to drawing freehand.  It is more simple than I intended at first but I kind of like the shapes and I think it still feels Quiet.

Silent Forest - image 3 - student projectSilent Forest is a drawing that I did at the Brooklyn Museum.  It was a drawing from a sculpture of white trees.  It makes me feel very quiet and peaceful, but there is something mysterious about itSilent Forest - image 4 - student project