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Silence is better then bullshit

I'd like to apologize for my misspellings.

I'm an Illistrator and painter by trade and have the upmost respect for thoses who do grapic design and lettering. I've always wanted to learn more about typyography and lettering, and this seems like a great place to start. 

My phrase is "silence is better then bullshit" 

when comeing up with my word list I really stuggled. I tend to think in images and icons, and plan on my finished product being an image. My knowloge of typograpy is extreamly limited.

At frit was was thinking of my mother, who is a mean ass southern belle (whom i love and respect dearly). but then I decided to take it to a more fun girly place and thus my mood borad. 

I wish I had more to pull on, as far as labels, text and fonts for my mood board. 

Here is my warm up round, this is really my first time doing lettering. 

I need to work on smooth lines, 

I ended up settling with my finail project, due to time. But this class has really thougt me a lot about typography and handletter. 


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