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Sildr (Trickle in english)

In Norway we got great quality on our drinking water with lots of mountains, glaciers and rivers. And until 1994 there hadn´t been a single bottle of still water sold in Norway. Last year alone, it was sold approximately 25 million litres of still water over counter. 

With no difference in quality between tap and bottled water, and a price difference that is approximately 76000 percent!

So i´m creating a water sharing service that let´s people find their nearest tap free water source on their cellphone, and they can also buy a bottle that is totally BPA free.

So I´m going to post the logo and some mockups of different products with the Sildr logo.

Feel free to comment on what you like, and don´t like both are valuable feedback :)

Tap that!




Sticker in the window, for people who passes by



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