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Sigourney's Day

Unit 1:

I started out with a pretty big list, complicated by the fact that my days change in schedule pretty frequently. My school uses different class blocks each day, so I decided to choose the most easily communicated classes to use as referents.

The List:

1. Wake up

2. Feed cat

3. Find an outfit / do hair

4. Make lunch

5. Drive to school

6. Socialize

7. Generic schooling (I have either Calculus or English first thing in the morning)

8. Ceramics class (Much easier to communicate than Political Science)

9. Eat lunch

10. Graphic Design class (Again, easier to communicate than Physics)

11. Drive home blasting music

12. Play a generic computer game (There are a few I could choose from)

13. Social Networking (Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc...)

14. Graphic Design jobs

15. Eat dinner

16. Watch some TV

17. Do homework

18. Shower

19. Read in bed

10. Sleep


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