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Malin Svendsen

Surface Pattern Design & Illustration



Signs of Spring

Spring Pattern Design Challenge

I just love the snowdrop flower, it's so delicate and pretty and a sure sign of spring - this is my main inspiration for my spring pattern.



Here is how my Signs of Spring pattern turned out. After a day out earlier this week just walking around and soaking up early signs of spring and photographing I got some new inspiration so that is why the final motifs used in the pattern does not match my sketches, I only used a couple, the rest are created based of my photos. However, the Snowdrops are still the hero of the pattern which I planned from the beginning :) I included a mockup of the pattern on bedding below as well to give it a real feeling.

I had so much fun creating this pattern, and a ton of other patterns as well, it's just way too hard to stop :)

Hope you like it!




My inspiration for this pattern was a seahorse, therefore I created motifs inspired by the ocean.

Here is how the pattern turned out:


And a mockup of an iPhone case:


Thank you for a fun and great class Elizabeth :)


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