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Signing Up for the LiveYourLegend Toolkit


This is attempt 1 at sketching out the technology behind getting access to an online toolkit.

I wasn't sure of the exact format to follow, so I decided to write up this first iteration of the project.



Feature/action:Getting access to the free subscriber's Passionate Work Toolkit on the LiveYourLegend website.

User Flow:

1. User types "" into the address bar of their web browser and submits this URL by pressing "Enter".

URL entered

  • The browser contacts a DNS, which converts that URL into an IP address. This request is then routed from server to server in the Internet until a server recognizes this IP address.
  • Those servers send data to the browser in the form of packets.
  • The browser loads those data packets into the homepage of LiveYourLegend.

2. The user places their mouse cursor over the "Enter your email address" field in the blue text box and clicks to select this field.

Enters field 

3. User enters their email address and presses the "Let's Do This" button (or presses the "Enter" button on their keyboard.

Enters email address

  • The email address is sent to the database, which is queried to see if a record exists that matches the submitted data.
  • If no matching record is found in the database, the database sends back data for the browser to load, which is a separate webpage for new email addresses. This page asks the user to confirm their subscription before they can access the Epic Work Toolkit.

Confirmation Page

  • If a matching record is found in the database, the database then would not store the email address that had been sent, and would send back data for the browser to load, which renders into a separate webpage for the Epic Work Toolkit.

Epic Work Toolkit

4. If the user is attempting to sign up for the Epic Work Toolkit for the first time, they must then click on the URL in the confirmation email that was sent to the email address that was provided.

Click on Confirmation Email

  • Clicking on this email causes the user's email address to be stored in a table within the database. This means that the user is now subscribed to the website's regular posts and will receive emails.

5. The user can now access the materials in the Epic Work Toolkit! If the user ever forgets the URL to the page, they can simply return to the homepage of LiveYourLegend and enter the same email they used to register, which will cause the Toolkit page to load.



- Should we already be able to describe the kind of database being used in the website chosen for our projects, in the first project milestone? If so, where are the slides/lecture that describe how to find out about the database types?


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