Sign Up Sheet style Pre-sale Giveaway

This giveaway is running [Placeholder dates] 1st Feb - 1st Jun (when I release my book!) and is open to anyone, anywhere who can provide proof of pre-order. 

Prize Wise we're looking at:

Every 3 weeks [placeholder dates](so the 22nd Feb, 15th March, 5th April, 26th April, and 17th May) I will be picking 1 random entrant to receive a bookish goodie and a [Title] bookmark. 

On release day (1st Jun) I'll be sending out 1 Grand Prize, and 2 Runner Up Prizes to 3 lucky entrants! 

 - Grand Prize includes: a personalised signed copy of my book, a swag pack (bookmark, art cards, etc), and a handwritten (likely illegible) note from me to you.

 - Runner Up Prizes include: a personalised signed copy of my book, and a swag pack (bookmark, art cards etc)

And, of course, everyone who signs up for the giveaway will be getting an extended teaser [OR a complete mini side story]!

So go ahead and sign up here:

 - Your Given Name: (the one I should write inside the book)

 - Your email: (for confirmation & contact, or at least access to the teaser)

 - Proof of Purchase: (screenshot of your receipt/pre-order confirmation email)

 - Mailing address, including Full Legal Name: (Please put it exactly as I need to copy it onto the package, I live in the UK and we do things differently)

 - Any requests for note content: (totally cool if you wanna leave this blank but if there's anything specific you want me to include in your handwritten note should you win the Grand Prize put it here. Including but not limited to a legible copy of what I have written - I can probably wrangle someone I know to transliterate)

Good Luck Everyone! (I am absurdly excited about this!)