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Paul Sidwell

Front-end Web Developer



Sidwell Studios Copywriting Phase 3

I'm a newly self-crowned designer.  By no means though does that actually make me one.  I've seen American Idol, folks, and I'm not deluding myself here.  But I do have untapped creative juices that I'd like to reign in and put to good use.

Never used InDesign before, or any other design software.  My current strengths are writing, marketing, and business leadership and strategy, but I'd like to start a design studio around web development and design.  Not sure what I'll be designing, but I come up with visual ideas as I'm out and about, all the time, and I've got to do something with them!  

Surely you understand.

Here's my Phase 1 project outcome.  Any design/layout tips?  These are png screenshots of my designs.

Thank you for your feedback.

Here's the backside, with text styled and aligned to my liking:

Here's my project after Phase 3: I added a couple complementary colors, duplicated the text in the logo and placed it underneath for a shadow effect, added an inner shadow, and tilted the logo text a bit.  Also added the separator line; it just seemed to look better with it than without.

Here's the back side.  Aligned the body of text vertically.  Moved the 'P' and 'aul' closer together, made the 'aul' slightly larger, and shifted the body of text slightly to move the small caps toward the center of the page, so it aligns with the final phrase more appropriately.

Thank you to everyone who helped me move this project forward!  It was just a personal project, no business at all is attached to it (yet, at least), so the motivation and support from my fellow designmates was invaluable!!


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