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Sidikii Clothing Co.

The Brand
Sidikii Clothing Co. (Sidikii ="my friend" in Arabic) brings together two seemingly different worlds by combining Western & Middle Eastern cultural & design to create fashion that can be appreciated by all. Our designs symbolize the idea that the two worlds can occupy the same space and have a positive impact on that space.

Our Story

As a Muslim male born in the diversity of America and raised in the multi-ethic religion of Islam, I have been exposed to many different cultures. I have friends on almost every continent, eaten food and taken part in the customs of Malaysians, Moroccans, Senegalese, Europeans and many other cultures. These experiences have opened my eyes to how beautiful and divers the world is. Unfortunately, instead of embracing the beauty of diversity, many people attack it with prejudices and ignorance.

I created Sidikii Clothing Co. to help dispel some of the prejudices by showing different cultures collaborating and coexisting through fashion and community outreach. Sidikii, meaning my friend in Arabic, promotes a friendly bond between different cultures.


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