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Hi everyone, my name's Vitsky, I'm from Israel and here to sharpen my graphic design skills.

I chose a startup by the name of SideKix which is kinda of a waze for pedestrians that is a client of my workplace and I really believe in their idea and good intentions.

I wandted to give SideKix a friendly logo that'll make them seem trustworthy, fun and everyday. I separated the two words by capitalizing each one (S and K).

Legibilty is very important and I showed my sketches around to people that aren't familiar with the company and got to the one below.

Here are some sketches:




This is a scan of my sketch with some refinement in PS:


This is after some vector work on the logo:


By noe I realized some things: I don't realy like what's going on with the d' and the e'. they seem very hollow and I feel their negative space isn't there yet. The K' isn't present as the S' but does divide the two words. Should I make the K' more unique? individual? or just plain larger?

So this is it so far, more to come in the refinement area.




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