Side Hustle - Creating Journals from Junk

I am a fraud investigation and audit manager for a health insurer through the day but I love craft as my way of relaxing after a busy day. In the past month I've started learning how to do Junk Journalling by watching you tube videos and following crafters on Patreon- turning junk into something beautiful and functional for others to enjoy (well I would like to think that someone may enjoy my work eventually). I have been learning how to turn cereal boxes into journal books with little pockets to hold cards and book marks (also made of junk), designing the pages with stamps and images, dying white copy paper using tea bags and old coffee grounds. Its becoming my side hustle.Side Hustle - Creating Journals from Junk - image 1 - student projectSide Hustle - Creating Journals from Junk - image 2 - student project