The story of Siddhartha's life is about becoming Buddha, being Buddha.

It is a story on how to live a life of wisdom, generosity, love and compassion.  It is about embodying a spiritual practice that integrates all aspects of your life and starts right where you are. 

It is about traversing the Mahayana path, a path of great wealth and wisdom.  It is a path that does not separate your day-to-day life and your spiritual practice.  Your life is your spiritual practice, the result is the path.

It is a path that has been traveled by men and women of all trades-
artists, scientists, physicians, educators and entrepreneurs, the rich and the poor-
it is the path of the bodhisattvas, the mahasiddhas.

Its lifeblood are the blessings that descend from an authentic, uninterrupted practice lineage.  These blessings take the form of realization and wisdom as they pass from each generation to the next through continued guidance, clarification and support.

Siddhearta's story is about living a life of value and purpose, for yourself and for others.

It is your story.

You are Siddhearta.

Your path.  Your practice.
Clarify your practice.  Let your practice clarify you.

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For more details, read my blog.  I look forward to our talking to soon.

Initial contemplations:

1. What is marketing for?  Tell story they want to hear and speaks to them.  Develop trust and confidence through their own experience and they will share it.

2. What allowed to touch?  Hearts and minds.  Off-limits? Still thinking. 

3. What can we measure?  Pageviews, likes and shares, sure.  First names are what matters and the connections that are built. 

4. What can we change?  Internal and external?  Perceptions, bias, assumptions.  The goal.  The divide between aspirations and actions, intentions and the day to day grind.  There is a lot to change...focus. 

5. What promise going to make?  What is your practice?  Clarify your practice and it will clarify you.  Have a practice that aims to benefit others and you yourself will benefit. 

6. What is the hard part?  Building the trust necessary for customer to feel comfortable feeling vulnerable, allowing them to dig deeper so that vulnerability gives way to openness and openness to generosity.  

7. Show we make trends or follow? Blazing trails.

8. Where is the risk?  Exposes personal, private, inner, spiritual, fear, doubt, uncertainty.   

9. Who is in charge?  It's your practice.  You are in charge, I will just help you get out of your own way. 

10. What is money for? Provide them experience to develop confidence and trust. 

11. Most important way to spend time?  Do your practice, then share your (he)art.


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