Sickness and work

Sickness and work


I’m feeling fainted

My mind whirled

My liver is painful

My eyes are dehydrated


To work, or not to work

Up to the society

Up to responsibility

But where’s me?


Live for a living

Sleep for dreaming

Talk for healing

Me for freeing

But free is just a feeling


How can I feel

When I’m not allowed to feel

How can I be healed

When I’m tryin to live

How can I live

When I’m in pain


Feelings in writing it:

Actually I write this right after I saw Trippin poem, kinda enjoy the feel to write in the air, following my own flow.


I intended to express my feelings about my sickness that I’ve been feeling today, without writing anything concrete or related to life. But when it went on, I felt something is related to my feelings and I had to write it out. Turns out that’s about work. I was feeling sad that I could not work today because of my sickness. Then all the things which is deep down in my heart all along just came out.


After writing it, I finished the rest of the lesson. I did some changes to my poem which I usually don’t do or not dare doing it. May be I don’t have the courage to face my emotion again or to face my not so perfect poem and no structure at all. But Phillips is really encouraging in the videos and that I’m finally willing to step out my first step towards facing my own poem even editing it.


Thanks for everything.