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Chrish Dunne

Graphic Design Student



Sick and Tired Festival

Project Outline

1. Event Type

A small 1-day music festival, including genres such as pop punk (The Wonder Years, Four Year Strong, etc), shoegaze (Whirr, Pity Sex, etc), and punk rock (Title Fight, Daylight, Balance and Composure, etc). The idea behind the festival is to try and create something more independent than what is currently on offer for pop punk fans. The big name events, at least around Leeds, are so huge now that they're massively overcrowded, often impossible to get into the rooms of the bands you want to see. There's no real connection between the bands and the fans other than the sheer size of the crowds. All of the stages have barriers, so there's no stage diving and any crowd surfing results in getting dragged off by the security protecting the stage. Understandable of course, again due to the size of the event, but it's not something I want from a festival. I want to take it back to how it used to be, with an indie mentality.

As well as this, I think the food and drink offered at these bigger events is pretty awful, but once again given the size I think it's an acceptable compromise. I'd like to take advantage of the smaller scale by offering better food and drink services; perhaps bringing in a few local independent companies to provide food. There's a big association between pop punk and pizza, and I've heard of a few companies that do these really great fresh baked pizza catering services so I'd like to get someone like that involved. As for alcohol, there'd be all the typical (and affordable) beers, wines and spirits as well as some local guest beers. I know personally I don't tend to like drinking alcohol at gigs and festivals because I like to keep my head clear so I can enjoy the bands properly, so I'd like to have more options available for people that aren't drinking alcohol. Even if it's just a good range of fruit juice, or some virgin cocktails.

I know it seems like a lot of this is escaping the jurisdiction of the brand, but I think it's all in the details with an event like this. I want the brand to reflect the small, independent nature of the event and I think in-order to do that I need to take into account all of these small details.

 2. Event Name

With the event name I felt it was important to reference back to the music on show at the festival. "Sick and Tired" comes from a lyric by Four Year Strong, but it also references back to how I feel that the pop punk festival platform has been played out and that this festival is a response to that.

3. Event Scope

The event wouldn't be huge, so I think the branding should reflect that and not try and appear bigger than it is. I want the independent, DIY vibe from the 70s and 80s punk scene to exist throughout the brand but with a modern spin. The focus of the branding should be on the bands and the independent nature of the event.

I'm not sure of the key visuals yet. I think I'd like to get a colour that runs through all of the branding in a similar way to Build: Blood,Sweat and 11 Years Exhibition but I'm not sure yet. As for the brand applicants, there's plenty of room for pushing the boat out here:

  • Website, with a mobile version that provides easy access to band listings, stage times and news of the event.
  • Posters
  • Wrist bands
  • Flyers
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Tickets
  • Merchandise such as t-shirts and tote bags (I thought about hoodies too, but that somehow seems really official to me and I'd like it to be simplistic).
  • Guide books that can be purchased on the door of the event, which would include a list of all the bands with a short biography, and stage times for each band.
  • I feel like there's room to push the the event towards art and design too, perhaps selling limited edition screenprinted posters.


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