Siblings - student project

" You didn't, did you? Not really?" Spencer gave Andromeda a look of disappointment as he spoke.

" Of course I did my history assignment. I adore history." 

" Then where is your homework? Did Aurora turn yours in instead?"

" I didn't think about that. She might have." Andromeda thought about it. Her younger sister did have a history of not doing her work.

" She didn't. She handed in her handwritten essay yesterday."

" How do you know she didn't copy off of mine?" 

    Spencer began a rant that will not fit in the 200 word limit, but was all about how Aurora had amazing language skills, was one of the best students when she actually tried, and was not a liar. Andromeda did not agree, so she ignored it.

" Are you ignoring me?" Spencer glared.

" No."

  Spencer once again began to rant. This time about how lying to and ignoring him wasn't going to help. Andromeda was bored. She wanted to get on the computer and watch one of her Korean dramas.