Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat - student project

I asked my boyfriend to name any animal, and he said siamese cat, so I attempted a siamese cat!

I don't own a scanner or printer, so I did this in my regular sketchbook and took a photo of the sketch. It was a little lopsided, so I ended up focusing on one half of the face and just reflecting it to the other side. I also had a hard time with the fur around the face and attempted many times with the circles as shown in one of the videos, but it just ... did not want to come out looking right. I'll keep working on that at some point :)

Initial sketch: 

Siamese Cat - image 1 - student project

Sort of final product (there is more I can/want to do with it, but for now, I'm happy):

Siamese Cat - image 2 - student project