Shuriken! - student project

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------------------Quick Hello---------------------------Aug 13th 2013


Just got an email with two projects I'm to leave feedback on, so I presume the rest of you have, too. Unfortunately, I had no idea what the timescale on these projects were, so I've been giving priority to other errands at home the last few days. Basically, I just want to let whoever is reviewing this project to know that I fully intend on getting a lot more on here over the next couple of days, so stay tuned! I'm hoping to finish the prototype tonight, and I'll get some games in with friends asap. If this site allows it, I'll include some video as well. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your own games!

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You are a shinobi - a master assassin, a demon on the wind, a blade in the shadows. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of ninja nowadays, and it's getting awkwardly common to run into other shinobi after the same target. Your honor - and your job security - rides on killing the target first, before your competition can lay claim.

Hand Management


Throwing Cards

Set Collection

See section "SHURIKEN!" from Aug 5th below for more detail.



In the stormlands of Augarath, sorcerers have harnessed the power of cosmic lightning to breathe life into juggernautean creatures called Chimaera. In the corruption that followed, the most powerful of these sorcerers scoured the land, taking kingdoms for their own and leaving a swath of dead behind their monstrous pets. You are a Chimaerist in a world conquered by your kind. With your enemies in all directions, the only way to grow your empire is to grow your next Chimaera. What will you do with your beast, your kingdom, your power?


Multiple paths to victory

Multiple card functions

In this turn-based deckbuilding game, players construct the eponymous Chimaera, amalgamations of many creatures and powers. Upgrading their Chimaeras to gigantic strength, players seek to destroy one another in a battle for supremacy. I love deckbuilding games, and in my younger days played a lot of classic summon-monsters-to-battle card games (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc). I thought it would be really fun to - instead of having several beasties on the field - have one massive terror that you were battling with, constantly growing and destroying, almost like you and your opponent were summoning monsters straight out of Pacific Rim.

Instead of prebuilt decks, players will use deckbuilding mechanics to slowly grow their Chimaera, in this case being represented by the deck itself. Players will work to rip each other's decks apart, finally slaying the enemy Chimaera for the victory. Other specialty cards will come into play that effect the game more or less directly, such as Cosmic Lightning spells that are cast directly from the player (sorcerer) and Empire cards that represent alternate goals and events in the world, each with risks and rewards.

The most obvious hurdle I see (aside from complexity) is the early stage of the game, where the Chimaeras are smaller and weaker. Any suggestions or reference games for this are greatly appreciated. 



Your band of adventurers is returning home with experience, tales to impress, and whole lot of loot. To think that any of you actually doubted the profit of this adventure - madness, just madness. Unfortunately, when you all wake up at the campfire one misty morning, you find your guide dead - murdered, to be precise. The facts show that it had to be someone in your band, an adventurer that decided to backstab everyone and take all the treasure for themselves. The question is, can you survive long enough to find out whodunnit?

Player Roles



Dice Rolls


Player Elimination

With Griefer, I wanted to take the game of DnD - somewhat the setting, but mostly the metagame the players get into - and combine it with Clue. The idea of a motely crew of adventurers trying to find out which one of them was from the Assassin's Guild the whole time appeals to me greatly. I'm hoping to use a lot of tropes and humor in this one, while still maintining a solid game structure that won't wear out even if the humor does.

Players choose a character for their role (classes such as Warrior, Wizard, Thief, and Bard), each with stats, boons, and failings. The players are also secretly assigned Motives, that tell them whether they are killers, and what they're after. It is up to the players to either reveal the killer(s) by deduction, or to kill the other players off before being discovered. Players will be involved in general DnD-esque things while they search for clues - random monster encounters, traps, and treasure, and will roll each "night" to see who, if anyone, gets backstabbed in their sleep. But don't worry - those players will remain as ghosts, and may have a chance to exact revenge on their killer!

This is obviously a rather detailed game, so it may end up on the backburner unless I can simplify it more. My goal here is to improve on the original Clue, which I feel got quite stale after a couple of playthroughs.

---------------------SHURIKEN!--------------------- Aug 5th, 2013

You are a shinobi - a master assassin, a demon on the wind, a blade in the shadows. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of ninja nowadays, and it's getting awkwardly common to run into other shinobi after the same target. Your honor - and your job security - rides on killing the target first, before your competition can lay claim.

 Shuriken! is a game about absurd ninja tactics and assassination. If you've ever played a game like Kill Dr. Lucky, you know that setting players after a single, slippery goal which the others actively attempt to sabotage can be a lot of fun. I thought, why not take that a step further, and have the players actually battle each other while trying to corner their target. As for attitude, think Smokin' Aces, but with ninjas.

 Players will use the cards in their hands to attack, trick, and trap their fellow ninja, all while working towards forming a hand that will allow them to land the killing blow on the actively retreating assassination target. Each card has a weapon or attack, as well as a symbol. As the target runs, they have a set of cards that changes and can be changed by player action. In order to kill the target, a player must adjust their hand to match the symbols on the target's cards.

 At any time, a player may literally throw one of their cards and yell "Shuriken!" to counter an opponent's attack, either on a player or on the target. Their Shuriken! will counter and be discarded with an opponent's card that has a matching symbol.

 Play is intended to be fast, funny, and frantic, with 2-6 players taking turns drawing to a full hand from a main deck and playing jutsu (technique) cards, with certain cards allowing mischief during other player's turns and the Shuriken! option always being a looming issue.