Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B - student project

The Shure SM7B.  Currently $399 on Amazon.  I purchased this mic for one reason.  I needed a quality mic that wouldn't be prone to picking up background noise because my recording space was originally not up to par (i.e. noisy, poorly sound insulated). 

Pros:  This mic is a dynamic/cardiod mic meaning that it is fantastic for capturing sound directly in front and slightly to the sides of the mic head, but captures very little to no sound from the back, unlike other supercardioid mics.  This mic is currently used on the Joe Rogan and H3H3 podcats.

Cons:  The trade off for having such a quiet mic is that it is VERY quite.  I recommend purchasing a gain booster such as a fethead or (even better) cloudlifter, which will boost the mic with clean gain, but increase the price by $150-180 bucks.

Summary:  I have since improved my recording space, lessening my need for this mic but I continue to use it nonetheless.  I simply love the somewhat muted, but warm sound I get from this mic and it turns out to just perfect for louder (e.g. screaming) types of voice acting.   As with all mics it is best to find a place to try them out first, if possible, so that you can hear what suits your voice best.  :)