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Shunkaha Postcards

Creative Brief
April 2013



As a keen postcard swapper, I have discovered that, in New Zealand, postcards other than the usual “touristy” type are difficult to find.

Therefore I started thinking about starting my own business designing and producing a more unusual and quirky type, as well as something different in “touristy” postcards.

Other products could include bookmarks, greeting cards, note cards and stationery lines.

Target audience:

Postcard collectors: always looking for something different to swap.

Retailers: book shops, souvenir shops, gift shops, post shops, tourist information centres.
Having already spoken to some retailers, I know they are keen to have a look at something different.


  1. To become a well-known brand.
  2. To become a reliable brand.
  3. To become a popular brand.

This will be measured by customer demand, and success attained when the company makes a profit and recovers any initial investment and losses.

Single message:

The message to deliver is that people who receive a postcard from our range will be delighted with it and the thoughtfulness of the person who sent it.

How will they believe what we say? Quality, quality, quality!

Mandatory elements:

Logo, address, phone number, website, email, samples.


A range of postcards and bookmarks.
Samples for local retailers.
Website for retailers and customers.
Flyers for posting to retailers further afield.


There is no deadline for this project, but it would be expected within six months.


A small investment of $1000.00.


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