Shuffling ukulele!

Shuffling ukulele!  - student project

I went through Scott's lessons quickly on my iPad on the kitchen table, using the instrument that hangs on the kitchen wall, to see how skillshare works. So here's a not-very-polished strum-along performance. Scott's lesson is playing on the iPad; I'm playing along on a Ukedelic brand ukulele, and my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is recording the "event," propped up against a coffee mug. That's how easy it is to be a YouTube star! The phone's standard camera program uploads directly to YouTube, through your choice of its phone connection or wifi. The phone connection took somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes, which seemed pretty slow. But it worked the first time.

By the way, this ukulele is tuned a half-step low and has a capo on the first fret just outside the camera frame, so I am playing standard key of A ukulele fingerlings to "accompany" Scott's video, but the fret position markers look wrong.