Sh!tty Gifting

One Christmas, as I was opening gifts from my family, I came across a box that was oddly light and was strangly...lumpy. My aunt was very excited to give me this gift, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and this was staring back:

Yes, it's a stuffed yorkie AND a purse in one! 

I was 20 at the time. And the reason she got it for me is because I had a yorkie mix terrier when I was younger ( of course I would want a stuffed version to carry around and hold my spare shange and chapstick?)

It's a great memory that my mom and I still laugh about during the holidays. Love you Aunt Normie!


Anecdote aside, I want to create a blog-ish site for people to upload odd, funny or 'wtf?!' gifts that they have received. This exists in some forms already, but I want my site to be different.

I want it to have: 

-Ability to login with your Facebook account (no anonymous posting)

-Ability to 'upvote' posts that are the funniest

     -Option to organize by top posts, most recent, most commented on

-Ability to mark posts "NSFW"  (they will be blocked unless you are logged in and +18)

-Posts must have photo and will have a character limit (to prevent walls of text)

-I want to make it simple and nice-looking :)


That's it! I'm making it mostly because I know there are a lot of funny stories out there and I want to read them myself! Plus, gift-giving is year-round for Christmas, Chanukah, Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine's, etc...


12/3 update - I now have a working blog scaffold with the ability to make, edit and delete posts and comments! There's a fixed header that links to the home and about page. Screenshots tonight even though it's not so great looking yet.


12/06 update - I'm working on the logging in with Facebook feature. There's a Devise (sub-gem I guess?) called OmniAuth that I'm using. So far it's working well. I just need to fix the callback. After I get this working correctly and without any problems, the only thing I will have to work on is layout! 


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