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This is a game created by Seth Ben-Ezra (Dark Omen Games). The game is a role-playing game that uses cards to play. Here is a bit of description from the rules book:

Showdown is a roleplaying game about two people who are locked in a struggle that can only end with the death of one of them. It's for two players and should take between 60 and 90 minutes to play. Over the course of play, you and your opponent will be fighting over two things: the outcome of a climactic duel between these two foes and the history that led them to that duel. Win the duel, and you get to choose who lives and who dies. Control the history, and you get to shape why they fought in the first place. How did it come to this? Who's the hero? Who's the villain? And who's standing when the dust settles?

Want to know the answers? Raise your weapons and prepare to face the truth.

Preparing for Battle

In order to play Showdown, each of you will need the following equipment:

*Two sets of dice from d4 to d12 of contrasting colors (like black and red).

*Two sets of four Stance cards.

*Two sets of five Dice cards.

*Two character sheets

*Two pencils

*An Upper Hand token

*A Flash of Insight token.

This game is theme neutral in the sense that the players are supposed to pick a genre in which to play. For example, one game might be a shoot-out duel in the old west, another might be a fight on a spaceship in the far future, and yet another might be a modern day fight at a high school dance. Obviously all these genres are quite different and pose a difficult problem of how to design a game a that is theme neutral. I don't want to suggest a specific feel and predispose people to a certain genre, on the other hand I don't want it to be so generic that the appearance becomes bland and boring.

Another key element of the game is that at the beginning of play you will write out qualities about who you think you are and as play develops, you find out who you actually are, discovering that you are actually likely a pretty awful person. It's an emotional, deconstructive game, in a sense, and thus the reason I decided to go for a sort of grunge/distorted feel. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

As far as the game components, there are two players, a dark and a light player. The dark card backs are darker and the light player card backs are lighter. In addition, there is a pattern difference for color blindness. The fronts of the cards are the same for both colors. These cards will be held in the hand, most of the time, until played. Once played, they are discarded. The Upper Hand and the Flash of Insight cards are neutral cards, tokens that will sit on the table, that are the same on both the front and back. 

Also, these are obviously low-resolution images and so they are a bit more blurry than the actual cards will be. 

The first two cards are the backs. The first one being the dark player and the second is the light player. Following are the fronts of both colors.




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