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"Show me what you got!"

Forgive me, I kind of broke the rules with the project. I was having trouble writing "San Jose" as my hometown and I was watching Rick and Morty at the time so this "Shwifty" song was stuck in my head and I thought, "Hmm let's try it out!"

I'm used to "freestyle" lettering so having to draw on lines is something I'm not used to but I'll make it a habit for sure.


I'm completely new to Monoline lettering. So I've struggled a bit trying to have the same thickness for all letters. Markers used: Sharpie and Crayola Metallic markers :)

Letters that I found difficult to write: Q,R, and S. But practice does make it better.


This is what I have done so far. I did not edit it on PS yet, but I tested out the "shading" technique using a black marker. It looks pretty neat! I liked the effect a lot. But I can't wait to see how its done using the shading tool in PS! 

Also, I highly suggest all of the students to follow Ricardo's IG account "Itsaliving" his work is really up there and inspiring. Thank you so much Ricardo :)! 


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