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Show Up with Presence

I chose a quote that I wrote down during Maria Popova's TypeCon SF presentation. I did some sketches and narrowed them down to two compositions. I was inspired by Mary Kate's 'W' loop and 'H' cross bars so I included those. Also helpful to be reminded of where the stress on the crossbar goes (I had my 'W,M,N' all wrong before!).

I like the cohesive shape of the sketch below, but not sure it reads well with 'up/with' next to eachother.

Below, refined sketch in the direction I decided to take it. I'm having trouble with the darn 'S'(i think my dropshadow is off). I'm going to ink it after fixes. Anyone see anything else that looks off?

And the scanned and live traced version, and one in color:

I still like my last pencil drawing the best. Damn you livetrace!


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