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Vitor Scarpato

A designer trying to learn new things here.



Show Some Love

First of all, thank you very much for this amazing class.

I'd like to share my process here and receive a feedback from community.

I started choosing a font and composing my lettering: "Show Some Love".


Seems weird to me because of the big tracking, but in the end it make sense.

Next step I make the sides and shadows. I move it to Photoshop and started with the colors, texture and details.


In this step things it's getting better.

I define the color pallete and put the initial shadows and lights.


A big evolution when I adjust the darkness shadow and used "Highlights and Shadows" to create a contrast and depth.


Finally I pick the background color and make some final adjusts with textures. Here's my final piece and a image showing the texture detail. Hope you like the process.



I loved this technique and certainly I'll use it to make differents kind of works.

If you liked, follow me and let's keep in touch:


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