Should I take on the boss?

My boss recently fired my partner, after ten years of successful and productive service, without apparent cause.  His severance package partly said that for him to be able to receive his severance, he had to agree not to bad-mouth the boss or the organization, and his boss in turn had to agree to same.  Today, in a department meeting, that included about a dozen folks including myself, my boss gave reasons that my partner was terminated, which were all untrue and also reflected badly on Partner.  After I thought about it, I considered going to Human Resources and reporting this lapse, or even confronting my boss about this dishonest and disrespectful behavior.  I asked the Ching, what result or outcome would come if I took this on, or what advice would the oracle have for me in the matter.   I plan to retire sometime next season, and can't really afford to quit or be fired myself at this point, partly as I'm carrying my partner on my company health insurance policy.

My result was:  Hex 10, Treading, with 9 in the 2nd place, changing to 25, Innocence, (avoiding complications).  The inner hexagram was 37, Family.  

Hexagram 10 talks about Conduct, and as usual with the Ching, cautions discreet and respectful behavior, not crashing in and making a scene.  Knowing my boss, I can't picture myself even talking with him about the matter, as he appears to have an agenda about discrediting a man who was a valued and beloved company member.  Line two talks about a "dark man" but essentially advises staying out of the matter.  The way is smooth and the dark man has success--my partner might be the dark man, as I'm not dark and neither is my boss but partner dyes his hair black.  And--I haven't mentioned this to my partner, who is not doing very well these days.

The changed hexagram is #25 Innocence, which basically advises avoiding complications, which would certainly occur if I pursued this within the company.

Despite my quiet outrage and disbelief--and a feeling of being humiliated in front of a dozen fellow employees, it seems that the advice is to let this go and assume that the universe will administer justice somehow.  


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