Should → Must

01 — PLAY

Throughout this whole play process, I found myself feeling a sense of childlike wonder that I haven't felt in awhile. Ella does a great job at incorporating enthusiasm in her videos that got me really excited to do all of these exercises. I was drawn to this class initally because I have put alot of creative energy into my job, but lacked inspiration to practice and express creativity outside of work. I wanted a little more direction before focusing my attention on a creative project. All of these steps were very simple and easy to get started. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to find inspiration and clarity! 

For this exercise, I collected photos from my phone, both that I had taken around Seattle and screenshots from inspiring instagram photos. I also wrote down characteristcs of individuals I followed on instagram and called my mom to learn more about myself as a child. Another activity was finding a book in a bookstore with the idea in mind that one of them will provide insight that you need to know right now. Once you do that, you write down on some notecards what insights present themselves. With this collection, I created a collage attached below:


02 — FOCUS

From here, Ella has us do multiple exercises to see what patterns lie admist the things we are attracted to. I found these excersises very helpful and enjoyed seeing what similarities existed within my collection. 

One of the ways to organize the cards, was grouping them and imagining all groups interacting with eachother for example sitting down at a table and talking. This allowed to me see that certain groups are closer and more alike than others. I created a spectrum from left to right of opposite and relating content. For example, a category on the far left was 'weird & colorful' and on the far right, 'beauty and simplicity.' I found the categories in the middle to be representitive of what I am drawn to the most. 


After this, I combined each category into a total of four groups and ranked what was more important to me. 


Having 4 clear groups provided a lot of personal clarity to see what is meaningful to me both now and in the past (comparing photos I recently took or collected with the notecards that described me as a kid). 


Last but not least, the last round of exercised included designing an activity that set you one step closer to your must. I selected my first ranked group, 'carefree & explorative,' and decided to walk around my neighborhood, taking photos of what caught my eye. When I started the activity, I had expectations that something clear and profound would occur, such as all of the sudden understanding my life purpose. I let go of my high expectations and began to be open to whatever needed to revealed to me. Once I did this, I started to think about life and feeling a lot more greatful for people and opportunites in my life.


For the artifact, I replicated a similar process to Ella's class. When I got home, I journaled about my experience and then made notecards of important words and phrases I had written. Then, I looked for more images using different websites: my pinterest board, tumblr and stocksy. I printed out my favorite images and some that I had taken during the walk as well. Once printed and laid out, I organized the content and started looking for patterns and groups. I narrowed down to three meaningful groups and made a moodboard that represents this entire process of should to must. 

This class has been such a postive experience. I told my roommate all about it and now she is working on it. I am stoked to hear about her process and experience and yours as well!


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