Shot Stats

Shot Stats - student project

Tennis players lack concrete quantitative data to satisfy their curiosity and improve their strokes.
Tennis coaches want to provide a baseline reference to improve teaching and impress clientele with a new, wow-factor product.

A simple and convenient device that provides on-court and instant quantitative metrics to a player and/or coach.  The device integrates with an app to track development over time.  We currently have designed and manufactured our first prototype:

Shot Stats - image 1 - student project

Our concept designs:

Shot Stats - image 2 - student project
Shot Stats - image 3 - student project

Of the 28 million tennis participants in the US alone, 5.31 million participants play at least once every two weeks.  There are over 29,000 certified tennis coaches in the US, who act as channels to more players.

The Team

  • A tennis coach/player and ex-consultant with dual engineering degrees from University of Virginia and a masters of design from the University of Sydney.  He has connections with pro players and coaches.
  • An engineer extraordinaire with manufacturing start up experience with a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech.

With the emergence and growing popularity of integrating technology and sport, new and innovative ways to quantify and share athlete performance are becoming more and more widespread.  Similar devices for golf have been widely accepted, helping pave the way for tennis.  Various tennis academies have indirectly requested this device (forums, blogs).  Babolat, a major racket manufacturer, has also created traction for swing analysis hardware through promoting their own internally sensor laden racket.  While that product is more comprehensive, our device provides instant, on-racket data and is transferrable to all rackets types and brands.

We are currently in the middle of developing and testing our first prototype.  Once this prototype is fully built and tested will need to begin to minimize and optimize the hardware, design and produce the housing for the electronics, and preparing tooling for pre-manufacturing.  Concurrently, there will be a large marketing push at major tennis clubs, academies, and tournaments.  At this stage, we will require funds for the appropriate contractors, equipment, and travel costs.  We are looking to raise 350K for an 18 month runway.

We are looking for a group of angels, with an expertise in consumer products and/or sports industry knowledge, for a single seed round.  After that seed round we will have a beta prototype ready for mass manufacturing.  We will then look for a larger “series A” round with a VC, with a similar background, to fund that manufacturing run.