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Yossuana A.





I opened up "Condor Films" as a business where independent filmmakers could express a thought through audio visuals. One of my projects was this video titled "Shortage

The description of the video was following up a post I have made on my instagram about Shortages in Venezuela. 

"I decided to further show my latest disappointment in what supposed to be a socialist country: Venezuela. I have been searching at different super markets for coffee, not for a specific brand, not for a decent tasting one, but simply any coffee that I could get my hands on.

On my search for it, none was found, until one day word of mouth was that people on the street were selling them. Finding the right spot on the streets was a hazard; when found, the sellers were acting up as if they were selling drugs. The coffee cost me 140 bolívares which is equivalent to less than a dollar (in the black market), but realistic/and legally talking would be $ 22. That’s what the coffee cost me, TWENTY-TWO BUCKS.

I got home and prepared it only to find out that it was actual dirt. Yes, I drank dirt that had the strongest smell of coffee, and felt like a fool. On this video I literally mixed the “fake coffee” with water and filmed my reaction to it.

In a country where coffee was abundant, socialism has it scarce. Discuss all you want if you will but there is no good sounding explanation of why we lack so many basic goods. I know, maybe I should be thankful that such a bad habit, as to having caffeine, will be slipping away soon. Maybe."

On this video I made use of TWO captivating triggers:

- Disruption


- Mystery

I want to keep creating videos that talk about social issues in a very creative way to grab the attention and make people aware of the world.


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