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Short film story ideas

Update 30/03/15

Nearly a year later, I'm finally getting around to revising Sucker Punch according to Sarah's excellent feedback. In my defence, I lost my job and reinvented myself as a freelancer so it's not like I was sitting around, scratching myself. 

Sucker Punch V2

I changed the perspective from the male to a female lead as the film is more about the femme fatale than the boxer. I also tried to introduce a clearer story arc (start, middle, finish). Not using First Draft so not sure if the formatting is any better though...

I'd love to hear any feedback as I would like to try to get this film made this year.

Update 22/06/14

So I finally have a first draft of Sucker Punch, hopefully you'll be able to download it from this link:

Sucker Punch V1

Some of the language is a bit industrial shall we say so if you’re a sensitive type, you might want to give it a miss :-)

I pretty much finished this draft a couple of months ago but I was struggling with some of the dialogue so I look forward to the feedback.


Here's a couple of story ideas that I've had for short films. As yet, I haven't come up with titles for them. Still trying to work out how to fit them into the 3 act structure too! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

1) Alex is a small hall boxer who thinks his luck is in for once when he gets to go home with one of the ring card girls, Vicky. However when he ends up having to deal with a drunken intruder, it turns out he was wrong. The drunken intruder is the Vicky’s ex and she won’t let him see their son until he increasing her child allowance. Vicky has a certain lifestyle to maintain, after all. But Alex only finds this out when he gets a visit from a couple of the ex’s business associates and it ends up costing him dearly.

2) When the boss of the Connolly gang, Anto, passes away, rumours about his replacement sweep the London underworld. Anto had been targeted by the drug squad and spent his last days in prison and Tyber, his right hand man, doesn’t want to set anyone else up for that kind of fall. Jonny and Mo are two drug dealers who have been taking advantage of the vacuum in power. When they get summoned to the gang’s HQ, they can’t help but quiz Tyber about who’s stepping up. Tyber eventually reveals all, including how the gang have managed to keep it a secret for so long.


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