Short Term Memory Press

Short Term Memory Press - student project


Here's what I've got so far. I'm thinking of spraying some sticker sheets and silkscreening on white on top. Here's a mock up:


Short Term Memory Press - image 1 - student project

Quick Update:

I've been toying with the type and came up with this:

Short Term Memory Press - image 2 - student project

More coming soon

UPDATE 05.29

Slow but steady, I'm working on finishing the mark. What do you guys think?

Short Term Memory Press - image 3 - student project

UPDATE 05.27

I couldn't get my whole label for today, I've been on bedrest since friday, but I managed to digitize this part of the logo. I hope this helps. I've decided to go with #2 because of the budget, it is a self-initiated project and I wanna make it as rich as possible but keep it affordable. Feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Short Term Memory Press - image 4 - student project

UPDATE 05.23

#1 I was in the process of sketching further the main ideas proposed on 05/08. Taking sketch #3 I've tried to mash all of the ideas to create a belly band that would wrap around the zines. 

Short Term Memory Press - image 5 - student project

#2 Also, tried to develop the first concept. I was thinking it would be fun, cheap and appropiate to the content to create a stencil for the logo and spray the backgrounds with different colors.

Short Term Memory Press - image 6 - student project

These are still rough sketches!! Coming up, refined versions of the finalized selected label.

UPDATE 05.22

Here's a selection of what I've sketched for the mark. I'm leaning towards #1, something fun and sort of casual. But might try to develop also #4 to see where it takes me. I would love some feedback, so shoot! I'll chime in yours too if you want.

Short Term Memory Press - image 7 - student project


I started a little zine this past december (Rants from a Stranger), and so far I've got two issues. A new issue is coming out this summer and another couple of publications will be  printed under the name of "Short Term Memory Press". I thought it could be an interesting project to design a label (or packaging maybe ?) for. The idea is that it will grow, slowly, to eventually publish a variety of zines, from illustrated to photography, lettering , collage, etc.

I've created a mood board with images that I'm drawn to on a Pinterest Board 

Some of the images at the bottom of the post.

Short Term Memory Press - image 8 - student project

Short Term Memory Press - image 9 - student project

Short Term Memory Press - image 10 - student project

I was thinking of two main ways to develop this: 

  • To create colorful interesting backgrounds that evoke the idea of losing a memory with really simple knocked out type, always the same. The backgrounds would change and this would be the strong brand element.
  • While the second path would be to create a strong lettered/typographic treatment to visually acompany the idea of "memory"

Label Sketches coming soon!