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Short Stories - Begin Marketing

Got 25!! Woo-hoo!

Now what?



I have 21 students - only four to go for the first milestone. This feels like I'm pulling teeth. My next move is to start blogging again while I design my next class and hopefully readers will notice my class link on my website (the letters are pretty big, so they would have to be blind if they don't!). Oh, and push it to my writers' group on Tuesday.

UPDATE:Got my first email subscriber via my website signing up for the class. I don't think my efforts are working on social media much because my class is aimed at beginners, and most writers I know online are more experienced, and my other followers aren't into writing. So, not really sure where else I can go from here... Guess it might be a case of dripping in.

UPDATE: I've put the word out on my writer hangouts, but haven't seen a great deal of reaction from those yet, other than shares/retweets. In the meantime, I've started desgining my next class.

UPDATE: I'm keeping this class FREE for the time being and have emailed my friends, and I've made a blog post today with a taster video taken from one of my lessons. As my reason for designing this class is actually to build my email list I've directed subscriptions via my blog:!FREE-Online-Class/c1vxi/5704dba30cf27cb8ad1ae6bf

We'll see how that pans out and maybe I'll change it if it's not working too well. Anyway, shared the blog post on Twitter and FB so it's out there (and will continue to do so periodically).

Still on my hitlist of places to post:

My writers' online hangouts (will send links to the post)

The FB groups I'm involved in.

Plus, I need to get my Wattpad account properly set up so I can link from there too. Only so many hours in the day!!


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