Short Scene!

I was watching this to help me get inspired for a short scene I had to write for a playwriting class including two characters. 

My focus was on Leah, one of the two protagonists.

Her vices: shoplifting and drinking soda with every meal

Her virtues: feeding street cats and smoking weed (haha originally a vice but I decided to flip it)







Living room in a small apartment. There is mismatched furniture - a red armchair, and blue couch, and a large lamp. The lamp is on in the corner of the room. The set takes up half the performance space. The other half is dark. 


Scene 1:


Both women are sitting on the couch. There is a tray placed on the table in front of them. Leah picks up a grinder off the tray and fills it up. 


Noora: I take it it didn’t go well?


Leah: Nah, the guy that I talked to seemed kind of stuck up anyways so no biggie.


Noora: You have another tomorrow?


Noora takes the grinder from Leah and begins to roll a joint.


Leah: Yeah, but I’ll be honest, getting to these interviews and buying clothes and putting so much energy into making myself look so good in front of these judgey people- this ain’t it. I’m so tired of this.


Noora hands Leah the joint to lick it, before rolling it down. 


Leah: And like, for what? To make money. I hate this. I wish I was somewhere, lounging around, just straight up vibing, smoking, making art, not worrying about this. 


Noora: That’s the dream, boo. 


Noora hands Leah the joint to light and leans back against the couch. 


Leah: How’s it going with you? Boss man still crushing hard? 


Noora: Yeah, he passed by again for lunch. It’s cute.


The women pass the joint back and forth between them. 


Noora: If you don’t get the interview, just come work at that place by my office that I told you about. They’re looking for someone.


Leah: Yeah, I know. I just don’t want to go back to working in cafes and restaurants. I thought I’d be like making a difference with what I did.


Noora: You would be making a difference dumbass, people need their coffee, duh. 


The two women laugh, and Leah nudges Noora in the shoulder. 


Leah: Yeah, I guess you’re right. 




Noora: One day, you won’t even have to worry about this. You’ll be living off your art and vibing. I’ll be your right hand side. We’ll be eatin’ good everyday. No more stealing from Trader Joe’s.


Both women laugh and look at each other. 


Leah: We’ll still be snatching even if we had all the money in the world, let’s be real. 


Noora: You’re never gonna change (laughs).


Leah: Don’t blame it on me! My mom created this monster- you know if she never banned soft drinks in the house, I would’ve never had to steal it, so really, it’s her fault. 


Noora (laughing): Mhmm, and 10 years later what’s the excuse?


As the laughing dies down, the women continue to smoke silently, passing each other the joint in a familiar way. 

Scene 2: 


The other half of the stage is lit. The lamp from the first set is still on but dimmer, the two women silhouettes sitting on the couch, smoking and talking silently to each other. Set 2 is the inside of a small bakery/ cafe. There is a window to the inside of the kitchen, and there are a few tables, chairs, and a counter. 


Two actors play an older Leah/ Noora. 


Noora is leaning against the counter. 


Noora: And he wasn’t even the weirdest customer today, like that old woman that walked in. She was using a cane and tried to pretend she was buying for her grandson. (Laughs). Oh yeah grandma, I’m sure little Scotty needs some special treats. 


Leah’s laugh can be heard through the kitchen window. 


Leah: I hope she’s okay. She’s gonna be tripping tonight.


Noora: Literally. 


Leah laughs, and walk out of the kitchen, leaning across the other side of the counter. 


Noora: How many batches left? 


Leah: I’ve done five already, so I’d say three more, then we can head home. 


Noora: Okay cool, and I’ll check the books to see if we’re still on track. 


The light on the first set comes up, and Leah and Noora are seated on the couch, relaxed.


Noora: What else? A huge house with 14 cats and 6 dogs and a pool and a pool boy.


(Through her laughter) Leah: And a butler.


Noora: His name would be (in a british accent) Alfred. 


Leah: And we just sit around baking brownies and smoke and hang out wow. 


Noora: That’s our plan, we just live off baking our brownies for the rest of our lives. 


Leah: That way we can eat them too. 


Back to Set 2.


Leah (back behind the kitchen window): Oh and remind me to stop to pick up some food for Alfred. He didn’t like the new brand we got last week. 


Noora: You spoil him.


Leah: He’s my baby okay


Noora: He’s a dumpster cat, og ratchet ass boy.


Leah: Shut up, you love him.


Noora: Hurry up and finish the brownies, let’s go home.