Short Fiction(s)

Short Fiction(s) - student project

I'd like to write some sort of short fiction piece.  I have little experience with fiction writing but I like the idea of writing from the perspective of a fictional persona, like Grace's "prettiest girl in the office" concept.  I recently took over an officemate's blog, initially to do the photography, but it's since forced me to create a semi-fictional voice to write the blog posts with.  You can find it below.  I wrote the last several posts:

I'd like to build something off of that persona, but am not sure how to extend it from beyond the scope of that blog.  Perhaps write about the fashion & image obsessed crowds in NYC from the perspective of an Old Navy Khakis + tube socks + sneakers type of guy. 

Another concept would be to write from the perspective of a barista, possibly playing up the snark & snobbery.  I suspect that might be too cliche? 

Frank Wang