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Short Cuts Make Long Delays

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Part 4: Final Inking

Here's the photos of the physical inking I did of my sketch:



For these I used micron pens, plus a bit of permanent marker for filling in some of the larger spaces (for the sake of my micron's lifespan). I used tracing paper since I don't have a light table. Started tracing the outline of my banner and then realized I didn't need to, but I'll edit it out once I scan it in.

Here's the final inking once I scanned it into photoshop, adjusted the levels to get it nice and crisp, and did a tiny bit of cleaning up. It's all very broken up right now so that I can colorize it with illustrator in the next class. 




Part 3: Sketching

3)Refined Sketch

I ended up deciding to go with my scissors sketch for this project. I made a few changes to the design to make it a bit more to my liking.


Part 3: Sketching


I really love both of these designs.

The second one feels more busy, which could be a problem if it is distracting from the lettering too much. I really like the overall design though, and will probably make a finished version of it eventually even if I don't choose it for this project.

The more I look at the first one the more unsure I am about the ornamentation on each side of "delays". I feel like the balance is a bit off with it, so I might mess around with that a bit more if I decide to use it as my final piece. I feel like the scissors make a lot of sense with the phrase though.

Decisions, decisions...



Part 3: Sketching


My thumbnail sketches ended up more detailed than I had planned, but there is still a lot about all of them that needs to be cleaned up. Also a few sketches of lettering ideas thrown in there. I really like the three at the top of the page, and also the bottom left. The bottom right I find to be too busy. The pipe one is fun, but the only connection with the image to the quote is that hobbits are fond of pipe smoking, so I think I will toss aside that idea for this project. Thinking I will try to emphasize "short cuts" and "delays" more in the final piece, and have "make long" smaller (something I forgot to think about while doing the sketches).


Now to choose two or three to clean up...

Part 2: Basics of Lettering

1) Lettering Warm Up

For my lettering warm up I worked with the word "delays". I'm not completely happy with any of these sketches, but I suppose that sketches do exist to be improved upon. I would certainly plan on cleaning them up a bit, and probably changing some details in them, if I were to take them to the next level. It took a while to get the creative juices flowing for the sketches, for some reason I had a lot of trouble trying to come up with lettering designs that I liked. This class is my first attempt at learning the art of lettering and I think that my brain is still in training when it comes to getting into the zone :)


Part 1: Exploring Inspiration

1) Choose Your Phrase

For my project I chose a quote that has meaning for me on multiple levels. "Short Cuts Make Long Delays" inspires me to put full effort into my work, to cast aside the 'good enough' attitude, and to strive for quality, even when it means taking longer to achieve it. Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it a second time. The quote also has meaning to me because of the source. It is a quote from the Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien, spoken by the hobbit Pippin. The Lord of the Rings, and books like it, were a big part of my life growing up, and shaped the way I look at the world. I think the biggest problem I will face with the initial steps of this project is trying to decide if I want the design to reflect more on the meaning I draw from the quote itself, or the meaning that the context holds for me. Perhaps I can find a way to incorporate both.

For the application of my phrase I was thinking of a motivational poster. I know that I personally need far more artwork in my room, and especially artwork that inspires me to work harder and do my best. I've been struggling with motivation and drive in my life a lot lately, I feel like a lot of people in their early twenties can relate, so I wanted to make something that would inspire me to get my butt in gear :)

2) Inspiration & Brainstorming

So far my brainstorming has led me to create three catagories of ideas. One catagory for the overall message I draw from the quote, one catagory for the visual imagery that comes to mind from the specific words in the quote, and one catagory to rule them all... er, I mean for the context that the quote comes from in the book. 


3) Gathering Reference Material

I utilized Pinterest to find images that related to the words I had brainstormed. I included some words from each category I had.







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