Short Bio and Product Descriptions

Short Bio and Product Descriptions - student project

Thanks for this class. I really find copy writing a struggle! Your class was really helpful. Thanks for all the links to helpful websites too, they have been so useful. Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you can give on my bio and a couple of product descriptions below. I wrote all of these for Pinterest pin descriptions so they are quite short. They link to my print on demand shop.


Short Bio

I create watercolour art inspired by nature and my life overseas, for those looking for colour and creativity for their home. Follow along to see my inspiration and process.


Product Description: Deck Chairs

Short Bio and Product Descriptions - image 1 - student project

Can't travel? Get that holiday feeling in your own backyard with these unique deck chairs. Choose sling chairs featuring art that reflects your style and personality. Feel like you're sat right on the beach! Foldable for easy storage on colder days. And easy to transport next time you can again travel to the beach. These sling chairs are strong and durable, to last you many summers. It is easy to set up with 3 adjustable positions. So you can find the perfect angle and sit back and enjoy the sunshine!


Product Description: Zip Pouch

Short Bio and Product Descriptions - image 2 - student project

Are you looking for a gift idea? These unique patterned pouches make a great gift, for a friend or for yourself! Perfect for storing all those odds and ends. Keep anything from cosmetics to pencils to small electronics. Or use it for your art and craft or your knitting and crochet supplies. Choose from 3 sizes according to your need. The largest pouch can hold a tablet.


Product Description: Art Prints

Make your house a home with these vibrant botanical watercolour art prints! Perfect to add a pop of colour to your interior decor. These prints will suit any room, from living room to home office to bedroom. You choose between 5 different print sizes to suit the space you want to fill. Printed on high quality paper for a long lasting and vivid print.


Product Description: Removable Wall Mural

Want to inject character to your space? These peel and stick wall murals are an easy way to DIY a feature wall in your home without the mess! They are removable, so you don't need to worry about making permanent changes to your home decor. Perfect for renters! A great way to add an accent wall to any room, from living room to dining room to bedroom.