Shopping bags

Shopping bags - student project

Hello! I like this class very much! I was thinking about making patterns but not found a good and easy way. Thank you, Katerina, for sharing your nice method! It's easy and really pretty.

I decided to make few shopping bags. I want to use plastic bags more rarely so my own nice bags will help. I made two for me and one for a gift to my sister.

For my first print I made banana pattern. I drawed nice banana with some holes to make it look more interesting and add volume with using just one color.

Shopping bags - image 1 - student project

Shopping bags - image 2 - student project

I bought cheap cotton fabric that looks very natural and have some gray-beige color.

Shopping bags - image 3 - student project

Also I made brokkoli pattern. I drawed 4 different pieces for brokkoli to make pattern more realistic. For banana I has also two different pieces, but not very different. I put on brokkoli some scotch-tape and this made nice texture of paint. I used watercolor paper for all my patterns.

And third my pattern was lemons - I asked my sister to choose something she like :)

Shopping bags - image 4 - student project

Shopping bags - image 5 - student project

And here my final bags!

Shopping bags - image 6 - student project

Shopping bags - image 7 - student project

Shopping bags - image 8 - student project

For lemons I used different paint  mixed togather bad to make some color changes on final pattern.

Shopping bags - image 9 - student project

I really enjoyed the process and result. I made cool customized bags, so different and so personal.