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Shopping App

My goal is to build an app to help budget at the grocery store. The concept is you set a budget when you open the app, then you enter in the information for items you want to purchase as you put them in the cart. I want the user to be able to manipulate this data afterwards incase they put something back or make a mistake. 

I'm starting to think about how my app is going to work, and I've started writing the shopping cart logic. The concept is a single NSMutableArray to hold information for a shopping cart. Each item has a defined name, price, and quantity, as well as a total which should equal price x quantity. 





So with that out of the way, and having just watched the video on sketching I went and got my thoughts on paper (please forgive the horrible handwriting).

The first concept is a very simple interface that relies on keyboard input and gets the job done, but I'm not super excited about it because it feels rather generic. Essentially you just type in the values, tap "Add to cart" then the fields reset and the values on the top change. While it would get the job done, it makes it feel like I might as well just use the calculator app. 

My second concept on the other hand is more gesture-based (and is hopefully not too ambitious). My thought was that if somebody had this in their hand while shopping it might be too easy to accidentally enter in random stuff and either accidentally add it or have to delete it. Simply dragging the circle to the cart icon would bring down the inputs, 2 of which (inspired by Mr Solt's mat border app example) are dragable. Also, why not throw in a live updating total for that purchase as well as a live updating overall total and budget remaining.

For both concepts I would provide a list view of what the user has purchased (which is why I'd have the user input the name of the item, or maybe let them take a picture instead!!). From here they could figure out what items they could put back if they go a few dollars over budget, or edit any mistakes they've made.


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