Shop is created!

Shop is created! - student project

I've done it! I've created my shop on society6! I also started posting my stuff on instagram (BTW thanks Cat for making the first ever comment on my instagram!!!!)... the works! I was so nervous and insecure about the whole thing! IDK why, technology is my jam, so why was I so freaked out about it... I guess it's more about getting my work out there for anyone to see than the technical side of things.

Here is my store : 

And instagram :

It took me a day of reading, checking other shops and going around to finally press "open shop" and do it. I started with 2 artworks picked from my heart collections that I finally named "Heart flutter". I went and made adjustments for every product, so it took a while.

Shop is created! - image 1 - student project


Shop is created! - image 2 - student project

I've made those as halfdrop (polkadot like) for some designs and a few scale options too. Here is the results :

Shop is created! - image 3 - student project

Shop is created! - image 4 - student project


I have also understood a few things, Ive made too many compositions and patterns in advance, most I need to transform and adjust, so I'm not gonna do it like that for the next collection. I have close to 100 patterns at 10000px just for that heart collection!


I think I will make the products for my favorites, and just package the assets to sell as clipart pack on my etsy...


Thanks for all the tips :D